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E-Bike Incentive Program

E-Bike A Go-Go is now listed as a qualified E-Bike Incentive Program Shop!

About the Program

The California E-Bike Incentive Project provides point-of-sale incentive vouchers to help income-qualified Californians purchase a new electric bicycle.

What is an E-Bike Incentive Voucher?

An e-bike incentive voucher is awarded to approved applicants to be applied as a point-of-sale discount when an eligible e-bike is purchased. To redeem an incentive voucher, you must first complete an online application and receive an approval notification. Incentive funds are paid to the e-bike retailer who provides the discount.

How Do You Qualify?

  1. Be an 18+ Year Old California Resident

  2. Verify that Your Household Income Qualifies

  3. Complete an Online Application

  4. Receive an Approval Notification

Image by Himiway Bikes

Interested in the Incentive Program?

Great! Just head over to to get your application process started!

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